About Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group

Established in 1990s, Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group (hereinafter referred to as “this Group”) endeavors to create Step Century Montessori Education Law- the international preschool education mode with Chinese characteristics by shouldering the responsibilities of exploration and innovation and serving Chinese preschool education career, inheriting the aim of combining the elements of both Chinese and western countries and incorporating all diversified matters and combining a series of international advanced child education method represented by Montessori education with the traditional Chinese education essence. This Group mainly aims at the training, promotion, joining and service of the international advanced preschool education projects such as Montessori, parents-child, sensory integration training, Reggio, Orff, multiple intelligence and Froebel. Headquartered in Hong Kong, this Group has established its head office of China mainland in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the hinterland of Central Plains. It is a large comprehensive enterprise group in the Central Plains and facing the whole nation and even the whole world with the functions integrated with education and research of preschool education, teaching, training, joining, website, publication as well as R & D, production and sales of preschool education products.

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Both product and education drive an enterprise to rise. At the very beginning of establishment, this Group introduced the world excellent brands of education toys to the central region of China, followed by the international advanced education theory represented by Montessori education. This Group has complete education system, professional service system, strong technical support system, management system focused on “teamwork” spirit, efficient marketing system, incentive system with strong executive force, news radar information network system, etc.With the painstaking efforts of 27years, this Group has created the Chinese preschool education brand- Step Century Children’s Home. It has also developed more than 5,000 business cooperators, over 900 franchised kindergartens, over 500,000 preschool education members and over 1000 Montessori R & D membership units in China mainland. This Group's franchised kindergartens all become the local brand demonstrative ones featured by high local education quality, fast development and high social reputation. The parents of the children in these kindergartens could not praise “the children cultivated by Step Century are different and better”. Nearly millions of Chinese children received the international advanced preschool education and enjoy the education result “making children happy while growing healthily”. This Group has become a very popular education brand in Chinese preschool education circle as well as a high-quality “education name card” taking prevalence among parents in the society.

This Group has accumulated solid expert resources by cooperating with a lot of first-class Montessori experts from domestic and overseas authoritative preschool education organizations such as World Elite Education Group, Montessori Association of Australia, Taiwan Montessori Foundation, Beijing Normal University and East China Normal University. It has held Montessori teacher trainings for more than 200 sessions in total in China, which rarely happens along the development history of Montessori throughout the world. Up to now, this Group has cultivated more than 60,000 Montessori, parent-child and Sensory Integration Training trainers with Chinese characteristics and international horizons for the Chinese preschool education career and it is therefore honored as “Huangpu Military Academy in China's preschool education circle”. In addition to the above, this Group also cultivates a professional kindergarten teacher lecturer team consisting of more than 50 lecturers to shoulder the liabilities of training and touring guidance of Montessori, parents-child and Sensory Integration Education throughout the country. This Group’s teachers are called “young and vigorous kindergarten teacher experts” by the principals of franchised kindergartens around the country when they work there. In the recent years, this Group has also held special training camps for kindergarten principals so as to change their management ideas, improve the kindergartens' management quality and enable kindergartens to steadily stand in the fierce market competition and therefore gain fast development.

While realizing steady and fast development, this Group never forgets to shoulder its social responsibilities and it has developed all kinds of charities actively. Over the past 27 years, this Group has held more than 1,000 public welfare seminars such as Montessori, parents-child and Sensory Integration and millions of parents have become qualified “abecedarian” of their children through absorbing nutrition from this Group’s international advanced education idea.