• Enterprise Aim
    To enhance the essential quality of Chinese nation.
  • Enterprise Culture
    Gratitude, Loyalty, Respect,Self-discipline, Learning, Growth, Innovation and Excellence.
  • Enterprise Spirit
    Teamwork, Struggle, Practice and Efficiency.
  • Enterprise Objective
    Cradle for the growth of children, parents, franchised kindergartens and employees.
  • Core Value
    Step Century Education Law.
  • Core Idea
    The real success of Step Century is the success of franchised kindergartens.

Enterprise Strategy

  • 01

    To have 10,000 franchised kindergartens in China mainland.

  • 02

    All education and business projects will be operated online (China’s largest preschool education information communication platform and preschool education products transaction platform);

  • 03

    To build Step century smart kindergarten, and gradually realize education, marketing, management, joining and other work fully intelligent.

  • 04

    To create one educational international kindergarten teacher academy in China mainland;

  • 05

    To create 100 demonstrative education bases nationwide;

  • 06

    To establish this Group’s education fund and hope kindergarten and give returns to the society;

  • 07

    To establish one team integrated with children education, management and marketing;

  • 08

    To establish Step Century Education Law- the children education theory system named by this Group and recognized both at home and abroad;

  • 09

    To establish a first-class expert team including both Chinese and foreign experts;

  • 10

    Establish various types of big data and comprehensively improve collection, analysis, integration, platform, and application.