Chronicle of Events of Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group


  • In 1992
    On June 1, 1992, Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group was established and in 2006, it moved its head office to Hong Kong. It has served the society for 25 years.
  • In 2001
    In 2001, this Group established Montessori Teaching R & D Committee to start Montessori education training in partnership with Taiwan Montessori Foundation.
  • In 2002
    In 2002, this Group created Step Century Children's Home, international early education organization, held Montessori teacher training class and developed franchise business.
  • In 2009
    In 2009, this Group’s website——Valuable Book for China’s Early Education was put into operation fully.
  • In 2010
    In 2010, Montessori teaching materials called Montessori Education 365 was published and became the classic teaching materials for Montessori education.
  • In 2010-07
    On July 9, 2010, the critical member of this Group and China’s international advanced early education demonstrative base- Step Century Kindergarten was established.
  • In 2010
    In 2010, this Group undertakes the scientific research planning subject for China’s “11th Five-year Plan” Study on the Local Development and Practice of Montessori Education and held the kick-off meeting of the subject and Beijing themed research and study activities successfully.
  • In 2013
    In 2013, Step Century Montessori Education Law was created, which is a complete Chinese Montessori education theory system integrated with one definition, three differences, five fields, seven teaching features, ten characteristics, twenty sensitive periods and twenty four forces. It has made great contributions to the world early education circle.
  • In 2015-10
    On October 24-25, 2015, this Group held “Cross-Strait Montessori Education Academic Summit” sponsored by Pre-school Education Committee of the Chinese Association for Non-Government Education and Pre-school Education Committee of Henan Association for Non-Government Education, which made great contributions for Montessori education in scaling to a new height in its development in China.
  • In 2017-08
    On August 2-3, 2017, Mr. Tao Yongliang, Chairman of the Hong Kong Step Century was appointed as the Vice President of the Huaxia Industrial Economic Research Institute and the Vice President of the Beijing Private Technology Promotion Association.
  • In 2017-08
    On the afternoon of August 9th, 2017, Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group had never forgotten its social responsibilities and was concerned with the country. Through the Zhengzhou Charity Federation, it donated 100,000 yuan to the earthquake-stricken area in Jiuzhaigou to help the earthquake-stricken areas in the disaster-stricken area and rebuild their homes.
  • In 2018-01
    On January 7, 2018,Step Century passed the certification of the Montessori teacher education institution of the China Education Society, and was officially awarded by the China Education Association. It was again highly recognized by the government.