Huangpu Military Academy in China’s Preschool Education Circle

As the incubator and communication platform of Chinese and European preschool education idea and “seeder” and “propaganda team” of international advanced preschool education idea, Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group (hereinafter referred to as “this Group”) aims to propagate the international advanced preschool education idea in China and cultivate qualified preschool teachers with international level; it is considered as China’s leading flagship organization promoting Montessori education, the sensory integration training base of US Doctor Ayers and also makes “the world’s most famous parents-child education PAT” project become the “first brand” in China. The rich training resources provided by Step Century training ensure its professionalism, authority and richness efficiently and the Step Century can meet the demand of preschool teachers for learning and growing by setting more than a dozen of trainings, such as Montessori whole-course, Montessori advancement, parents-child, sensory integration, Orff’s music, DOK music, Froebel mathematics, science popularization and aesthetic posture and education.

This Group has a first-class expert lecturer team consisting of experts with high specialty and rich teaching experience and are praised by many students with their strict and large-volume training contents and vivid and practical lessons. There is also a batch of promising young peoples contained in the lecturer team, who have grown into senior preschool teachers and devoted to Montessori education for many years though they are very young; as US AMS 0-3 aged children’s qualified teachers and Taiwan AMS 3-6 aged children’s qualified teachers by engaging in Montessori teaching for years, they learned Montessori teaching method and made relevant academic communication by visiting Hong Kong and Taiwan for many times; their rich training experience and vigorous and passionate interpretation arouse numerous students’ working enthusiasm for devoting to preschool education career.

Since 1992, the Step Century’s training has more than ten years’ history. Over the years, the Step Century’s training scale has been expanded gradually; more and more students join in Step Century’s training course; these manifest Step Century’s training quality. With first-class expert lecturer team, high specialty and pertinence, complete system and practical operation and remarkable training effect, Step Century’s teacher training stands out; as the training quality wins universal praise, this Group was honored as the “Huangpu Military Academy in China's preschool education circle”; more than 60,000 students from over 20 provinces and districts in China ever participated in the training; after gaining Step Century Montessori, parents-child, sensory integration and Orff training certificates, they become the “kindling” for passing on Step Century education.

With the constant expansion of training scope from south to north and from east to west, the Step Century’s training always keeps its good training quality. Many kindergarten principals and teachers write to us to extend their gratitude to us for our training assisted their teachers in dealing with problems encountered in teaching, improving their practical teaching and researching ability, knowing about Montessori education and comprehending international advanced teaching methods, such as Montessori teaching method. The teachers gaining Step Century’s training certificates show volcanic effect in actual kindergarten work and make clear thought of classroom teaching; when facing a problem, they no longer lose their heads but learn how to guide children, how to design teaching and how to extend teaching; after the teachers use theories and practical operation learned in training into practice, their teaching effect is remarkable; the children’s transfer surprises parents who support and assist teachers’ work more positively.

It is said that the Step Century’s training is a devil training camp, whose contents are large and requirements are strict, for only those passing the evaluation can be issued with certificates. Meanwhile many students expect impatiently to come to Step Century again after the training is completed. The solemn award ceremony and students’ exciting speeches will always linger in students’ mind and recorded in Step Century’s training history.