Joining Idea

To all kindergarten principals and investors focusing on kindergarten development,

Good morning/afternoon sir/madam, first of all, I wanna ask you a question: which do you think is more important? what to do or how to do. Drucker, the founder of modern management, told us “the former one”. The major responsibilities of all kindergarten principals and investors are to do the right thing. But how? You are doing the right thing when you can grasp the following three “corrects".

Correct 1: Select early stage education project.

Education, which would be the first one among China’s top ten hottest industries in the future, is the unique initial share. Early stage education is the blue chip in initial shares with huge market and it will be in bull market in the long run. Preschool education industry is the rising-sun industry in the 21st century. In light that there are altogether about 140 million 0-6 aged children around China, including about urban 22 million ones, this is a huge market, which lays a solid foundation on our early stage education. However, there are seldom excellent preschool education schools. This has made a huge contrast with huge market demand with demands far higher than supply. In consideration of the above, early stage education is the mainstream trend that should be followed. Congratulations to you on joining this sun-rising industry.

Correct 2: Choose to franchise.

In the 21st century, anyone who wants to gain success must complete each other’s advantages and share resources through cooperation. The efforts of any individual cannot be compared with the efforts of a team. Any individual's capacity is restricted but the power of a team is infinite. There is no perfect individual but perfect team and the future competition is the competition of teams. The self-development capacity can be improved through the competitiveness of a team. Personal exploration means starting from scratch while franchising is a start on the basis of successful cases. Cooperating is the dominant mode for the industrial development in the 21st century while you have done another correct thing if you choose to franchise.

Correct 3: Join in Step Century.

Step Century owns solid economic strength, complete teaching system, professional service system, strong technical support, management system focused on “teamwork” spirit, efficient marketing system, incentive system with strong executive force, news radar information network system, etc. and prepares specific service process and explicit objective for the franchised kindergartens so as to make Step Century, franchised kindergarten and parents coordinate with each other and make joint development. Step Century owns strong teaching, scientific research, training and market promotion capacity; through years of practice, it has become a professional organization integrated with scientific research, school running, production and service with several international and domestic top preschool education expert teams; it is in possession of excellent training team with advanced education idea and management method as well as a first-class teaching practice base. All these advantageous resources create favorable conditions for kindergarten operation and management transformation, education reform, expansion of education projects and enhancement of quality and competitiveness fully and are the key elements that ensure the joining in Step Century is better than other education organizations.

Through the development of 27 years, Step Century has introduced advanced education and management theory method from European and American developed countries, dominated by Montessori education, parents-child education and sensory integration education from the US. Step Century has promoted its scope to more than 28 provinces and over 1000 franchised organizations in China at present, which allows thousands of children to get access to the world’s most advanced education mode. Both kindergarten and franchised organization have been developed rapidly after introducing Step Century’s advanced education system; the education quality and popularity are also improved, which, as a result, gains rich economic returns.

Joining can be measured but service is priceless. By inheriting the aim of “the real success of Step Century is the success of franchised kindergartens”, Step Century sincerely provides over-value service for the nationwide franchised kindergartens and would like to become forever friends with the principals and investors of nationwide franchised kindergartens. Step Century would safeguard your whole journey as long as you join us.