About Direct Kindergarten

Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group has two subordinate direct kindergartens.

As an international multi-functional kindergarten integrated with teaching, teaching research, training, promotion, guidance and service, Step Century Kindergarten is the international advanced preschool education base duly established by Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group (hereinafter referred to as “this Group”) in China mainland. With a strong focus on creating Step Century Montessori Theory combined with the elements of Chinese and western countries, Step Century Kindergarten honored “China’s Most Characteristic Non-government Kindergarten”.

Guided by Montessori education, both kindergartens above fully reflect the teaching features of “materialization, operation, scenario, game, image, thematization and experience" on the principle of combining the elements of Chinese and western countries and incorporating all diversified matters, combining traditional Chinese education essence and integrating Step Century Montessori Education Law integrated with five elements such as parents-child, Sensory Integration, Reggio and DOK with Chinese characteristics through developing teaching activities according to five Montessori fields. It enables all children to learn and grow in a free, ease and happy environment and develops children in an all round way morally intellectually and physically so as to learn how to live, work, create and communicate in society.

There are altogether 12 sessions of children graduated from the two kindergartens. All these children are excellent in academic and moral performance after their enrollment in primary school and their good performance is even extended to middle schools since they always get good results when having the examination from primary school to middle school. This Group’s special Montessori mixed-age education and dramatic education achievements win the praise of the society broadly and is honored as the typical industrial example by the provincial and municipal education departments.

With free space and creative atmosphere, the children in the two kindergartens full of love are privileged to enjoy free, happy and healthy growth process. Everyone only has one time of childhood and growth can not be started again. Step Century enables your children to take the lead in the starting line and to win in every step along the whole life road. “We bring children happiness and help them grow”. Step Century is where children's dreams start to fly!