Cultivate children's computing power, learn Montessori teaching method

The calculation of computing power is quite special. The mathematics field of Montessori education is the essence of Montessori education. It is essential to evaluate the teaching effect and computing ability. The training of computational power is extremely important. Today is the digital age, and there are calculations for numbers. The calculation is relatively abstract, but the biggest contribution of Montessori education is to materialize and visualize mathematics education, adapt to the children's learning rules, and adopt the method of muscle memory to make the learning effect multiply and benefit for life.

Morning morning is a small group of children in the Step century kindergarten group. Expression, sharing, talent show... all are proficient, but it is difficult to carry out mathematics synthesis and decomposition. When learning to break down, she always looks like a frown. After the teacher and mother communicated, they learned that the educational concept at home was “polarized”. Mom believes that children should play in middle school and have the necessary knowledge in play. Grandma thinks that "learning should start from a small age." Therefore, before the morning of the morning, my grandmother used the blackboard to teach various mathematics knowledge in the morning, and the interest in mathematics in the morning was gradually weakened.

After understanding the situation, the teacher "prescribes the right medicine" and uses the work of the "flag Domino" in the classroom in the morning. Every day, the teacher used this work to perform a decomposition exercise in the morning and invited him to draw a national flag on the paper to perform the decomposition calculation. Throughout the process, the teacher follows the three-step method of Montessori mathematics, from concrete-semi-abstract-abstract.

After a while, the teacher found that the morning interest in mathematics has greatly improved. He not only volunteered to perform decomposition exercises, but also applied mathematics learning to daily life. Mom shared: "Morning morning, I especially like to make handmade. Once, I went to buy the handmade cardboard in the morning. A pack of paper money 7 yuan, I gave the stationery shop 10 yuan. When the store is looking for change, In the morning, I pulled my clothes and said, "Mom, my uncle should give us 3 yuan. "I heard this morning, my mother was very happy. I was just ready to ask how the morning morning was counted. In the morning, I said, "Mom, do you want to know why?" I tell you! You gave the uncle 10 yuan, the paper jam 7 yuan, 10 can be divided into 7 and 3. So, I know that my uncle is going to give us 3 yuan..."

interest is the best teacher. In Montessori education, children use physical teaching aids to visualize and manipulate mathematics to perceive and learn. Therefore, they not only have a strong interest in mathematics, but also have the ability of mathematical computing and logical thinking. Over time, the child's fast and accurate computing skills are developed.

Those who are good at learning mathematics have clear ideas, strict logic and precise computing skills. These abilities not only make it easy for children to learn, but also make their children's lives organized and regular.