Have the cooperation to embrace "success"

Looking at the history of human development is actually a history of human cooperation. In terms of individual abilities, human beings are not as good as other animals in many respects, but they have become the masters of the earth and are called "the spirit of all things." The reason is largely due to the cooperation of human beings. Not only physical cooperation, but more importantly, intellectual cooperation. There is such an example. If human beings do not cooperate, they will never be able to produce a grain or a piece of clothing. All modern material civilizations and spiritual civilizations are the products of human cooperation. At present, some developed countries are developed, and they all have the characteristics of national unity and strong cooperation. At the beginning of the last century, China was like a loose sand, so it would be deceived by Western powers. Cooperation also needs to be cultivated from an early age. The mixed age education of Montessori is very beneficial for children to learn from each other, help each other and improve cooperation.

In the Montessori classroom, each child has time for individual study. They are free to choose their work every day. In this process, they will present a variety of learning states: watch imitate others' choices, operate independently, and cooperate with each other.

Tiantian is a four-and-a-half-year-old boy who likes to work on his own and does not like to share his work with others. After discovering this phenomenon, the teacher first communicated with his parents, and integrated the performance of the family at home. The teacher and the parents worked together to develop Tiantian’s habit of sharing and understanding cooperation .

The first is to share on Mondays every week. Teacher will actively encourage them to share their meaningful things happening on weekends. At the same time, in the classroom, the teacher will carry out corresponding guidance, carry out story scenarios and teamwork activities that are willing to share. Step century often said, "The commonality of homes can hold up the sun of tomorrow." Under the joint cooperation and unanimous guidance of both sides of the home, Tiantian’s situation gradually improved.

Today, I chose a challenging job every day - pressing juice, after choosing work, I cleaned the oranges and the materials needed independently. When I cut the oranges, I encountered difficulties every day. The teacher did not immediately go to help him, but continued to observe. At this time, every day, the face was revealed, but this expression turned into "happy" in a short while. I saw that I went to Xiaomo’s sister every day and invited Xiaomo’s sister to choose this work with him. In this way, the two divisions are clear, you cut oranges, I will put the oranges in a fixed container; after cutting, you come to clip the oranges, I will press the oranges, "busy" is a pleasure! Finally, with the cooperation of the two, everyone tasted the sweet orange juice they made.

Children's cooperative communication is an important aspect to promote the socialization of young children, and is also an indispensable way to realize the socialization of young children. As one American children's expert pointed out: “How a person interacts with colleagues, family, and people familiar with them often depends on how he and his children get along with other children.” Therefore, the cooperative awareness of early childhood development Entering the society in the future has an important impact.