Materialized teaching: teaching aids are children's playmates

Materialization is an important feature of Montessori teaching. This is different from adult learning mainly by sight and hearing. Children are sensory learners and skin memories. Toys, teaching aids, facilities, living goods and other tangible objects are essential teaching aids for children's education. People say: "Toys are children's angels". In fact, the role of teaching aids is even greater. In the future, more and more will be developed. Better teaching aids may even replace some toys. The articles of nature and life can randomly implement teaching aids for children according to the needs of educational purposes, which also reflects the concept of “life is education”. The most classic part of Montessori education is the "Mongolian teaching aid". Under the premise of mastering the basic operation methods and not obeying the basic principles of Montessori, the Montessori teacher can carry out a large number of extensions to maximize the Montessori extension teaching aids. It is the leading direction of Montessori teaching and research, and it is also the advantage of Montessori training. Fixed teaching aids are limited, and extended teaching aids are infinite.

In the Montessori class of the Step Century Kindergarten, a large number of classic teaching aids and extended teaching aids were placed. These complicated and miscellaneous teaching aids are distributed in five major fields: daily life, sensory, mathematics, language, science and culture. Each field brings different experiences and exercises to children. The five fields are also ring-shaped. Interlocking and closely related.

In the sensory field of Montessori, there is a set of teaching aids that are loved by children. This set of teaching aids was created by the great German educator, "Fluber". There are 14 boxes of Fuchs teaching aids. Each set of teaching aids has different educational purposes. It aims to help children build rigorous logical thinking while letting children understand the relationship between points, lines, faces and bodies. Frobel believes that this is also a gift from God to the children, so Fu's teaching aids are also called "good things."

On the morning of Tuesday, Mr. Wang took the work of the “Faculty in the sensory field 3” with the children of the middle group. The purpose of this work is to let young children understand the relationship between the whole and the part of the cube, and to improve the concept of symmetry and creativity of young children. After the teacher and the children interacted with each other, the extended game was launched at the end of the course. The name of the game was “Gate House Game”.

Teacher Wang first took out all the 8 blocks in the box together with the children. The teacher added the 8 blocks together and said: This is an 8-story building. Please help me find the third floor, please have a lot. Help me find the 7th floor... The children are all concentrating on the observations and actively answering the teacher's questions. Later, Mr. Wang changed 8 blocks into 4: 2 floors, 2 floors, 2 floors, 2 floors, 1 floor, 4 floors... The teacher continued to increase the difficulty and invited the children to identify. In the process of finding, exercise the observation ability of young children. Finally, the teacher invited the children to build the building blocks. The teacher said that the children came to the table. After getting the blocks in the summer, the blocks were quickly stacked together and covered into an 8-story building. After Rui Rui got the building blocks, he carefully stacked the blocks together and built them into two four-story buildings. After Linger got the blocks, he quickly placed the blocks into two three-story buildings and one two-story building. In the process of trying, the children also exercised their constructive and logical thinking skills.

Mathematics is the foundation of all science. Children with better mathematics ability will have better scientific ability in the future. Although Freud's teaching aids do not particularly emphasize mathematics education, it is itself a mathematics, especially from the essence of higher mathematical concepts, and Frobel himself has repeatedly stressed that grace represents the harmony of the universe, not only in shape and quantity. The construction of rigorous logical concepts on the scales, the extension of the presentation of a fairly complete aesthetic concept and creation space. The materialized teaching aids are the playmates of the children's growth. Only through the materialized teaching aids, the children can truly understand and truly understand the meaning and purpose contained in them.