Shitou,My brother

Recently, a "little brother" of the Sunburst class has become very popular in the class. This little brother is - the stone brother. Let's take a look at what interesting things happened between the stone brother and the children.

Scene 1:

At the beginning of the school, the class gradually entered a part of the freshmen, and one of the children was called happy. I am happy to come to the class every day, my eyes will always patrol the class, this day is still the same, so the teacher asked: "Happy, who are you looking for? Maybe I can help you." Happy looking at the teacher, stunned Eyes asked: "Teacher, may I ask if the stone is coming today?" The teacher replied: "Which stone is there? There is also a child in the next class called stone." (Because there are several children in the kindergarten called stone.) Happy smiled and said: "It's a big stone, his name is Hu Yuxuan." The teacher touched the happy head and replied: "Haha Stone brother is coming. Look, the stone brother is learning English inside." (The teacher points to the stone where he is.) position). After I heard it, I changed my shoes and took my brother’s small hand into the class. I moved two chairs and sat down next to my stone brother, and learned English seriously.

Scene 2:

The time for classwork is over, and the children are all queuing downstairs to prepare for exercise. At this time, the teacher saw three children standing in a row with their hands, neither doing exercises nor letting go (because doing exercises each time) Both children are standing in a row and aligned with each other. The names of these two children are called Tiantian and Gabe, and they are all children who have just arrived. After the teacher came forward, I knew the reason: the two children wanted to stand in line with the stone brother, so they both took the stone brother’s hand and refused to let go. When the teacher asked them what to do, the stone brother thought A method of determining the winning or losing with a stone scissors cloth. Both children agreed with such a solution, and the game started. The result was won every day, and the little guy excitedly pulled the stone brother's hand and kept turning circles.

Seeing this, you must be very curious to ask why the children like the stone brother so much? Then let's find out why.

Scene 3:

The time for receiving the work is up, the stone brother is the first one to finish, and the other children have finished finishing. Only a few groups of children are repeating the work again and again (because it is always bad, so I tried it many times.) And at this time, our helpful stone brother came to the children. In turn, help the children to organize their work. The little ones, with their grateful and admired little eyes, looked at the big brother around them as if they saw the radiant sun.

Scene 4:

At this time, most of the children had finished eating and dining. At this time, the stone brother said: "Children, let's recognize the national flag." Just finished, the children arranged in order to sit next to the stone brother. . Our stone brother began to imitate the teacher's appearance, took out a national flag, and then the children quickly lifted their hands. The brother of the stone also added: "I only invite those children who are very correct and have no mouth to talk." The children quickly adjusted their sitting posture and entered the learning state after hearing.

One small scene let us once again look at us. It seems that the title of our stone brother "Little Popular King" is really deserved. Looking at the stone that has grown up, I can't imagine the way the stone just came. It is sensitive and unwilling to get in touch with people. I often stay alone in a small corner... slowly through the guidance of the teacher and the parents. Cooperate, the stone has changed a lot in character and behavior, and is more and more willing to help others, more and more willing to express their views.

This time, our stone brother is also hard, and suddenly there are so many "small fans" that are not quite suitable, but who makes our stone brother so popular.