Step century Montessori teachers curriculum design training held in Zheng

In the past few days, the "three days" of "high temperature, high humidity, high heat" swept the Central Plains Green City - Zhengzhou, but the summer did not affect the Montessori teachers who went to the Step century headquarters to study. The Step century Montessori teacher Orff music training, the 216th full-time training, and the Step century curriculum design training were also launched today.

The training lasted for 5 days. The lecturer of this training is the lecturer of the expert lecturer group of Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group, Zhang Yanjun, the qualified teacher of Taiwan AMS 3-6 years old and the director of the Step century education guidance department. Mrs. Zhang has many years of Montessori education experience and has visited many cities across the country to guide Montessori teaching and management.

With the cheerful "Good Morning Song", the training officially began. In an interactive way, Teacher Zhang first explained the definition, core and purpose of the course design to the participants. With the right direction to understand, the system can be harvested.

"When you know the new, you can be a teacher." In order to let the students have better learning results, before the course design content, Mrs. Zhang led everyone to review the basic theory of Montessori education. From a definition, three major differences, five major areas, ten major characteristics, twenty sensitive periods to twenty-four forces, with the questions raised by the individual and the students actively responding, the teachers to Montessori Educational theory has a deeper understanding.

Then, Mrs. Zhang also started the first part of the curriculum design training - "observation record." Through the light and easy game "What's gone," "Where is my stuff?", the students have a good understanding of the importance of observation. Montessori said: "Without observation, there is no Montessori education law." As a Montessori teacher, I should always remember that I am a teacher, and the teacher's mission is education. The center of education is the child. It needs to replace the expression with silence, to observe the replacement of indoctrination, and to observe the external performance of the child. And pay attention to the heart of young children. Teachers must examine themselves, reflect on themselves, abandon the autocracy, and eliminate the arrogance of the heart wrapped in the outer shell, must become humble and loving.

To become a true Montessori teacher is a long and arduous path of growth; only by continuous self-learning, reflection and spurs can we achieve self-fulfilling spiritual sublimation. Wish all the teachers have best in this training and real growth!