The Step century parent-child training ended successfully, and nearly 400 students were ready to open the kindergarten

On August 4, 2018, the five-day Step century parent-child training ended successfully. From parent-child training to sensory training, from theoretical study to practical exercises, two lecturers, more than a dozen assistant teachers, nearly 400 students from all over the country, in this hot summer, in a laughter, passionate atmosphere , left the most beautiful memories.

First, the theoretical explanation.

From the parent-child education and the core of the parent-child education system, the five factors that implement parent-child education, the source of sensory integration training, the feeling and nervous system, the concept of sensory integration and sensory integration disorders, and the manifestation of sensory integration disorders, through Teacher Yang Xiangnan and Li Ning, the participants have a clearer understanding of parent-child education and sensory integration, and laid the foundation for the practical training that follows.

Second, practical exercises.

In the practice, the students were all active, and they all regarded themselves as true “student” and actively participated in every practical exercise. In particular, in the practical training, through the real course drills, the trainees explained the various instrument operation methods explained by the teacher, the principles of observance required during operation, and the pre-class preparations to be implemented.

Third, PK Athletics.

In practice, students from all over the country were divided into different groups. Everyone starts from the team name, wants the team to call, and divides labor to cooperate in the course exercise, and work together to win the honor. At the closing ceremony, the winning team received a gift carefully prepared across the century. And such a PK, not only exists between the teams, each student is also carrying out PK all the time, the daily learning experience sharing is a testimony.

Fourth, wonderful sharing.

“I am a preschool teacher and a mother of a one-year-old child. I am very grateful. I have the opportunity to study . Every time I come to study , the harvest is very big. I believe what we have learned. I am sure that I can help my children overcome their learning difficulties and improve their learning ability. I hope that everyone will not forget their original intentions and move forward to apply what they have learned to our children." Teacher Zhanglu from Sichuan Step Century Yinghua Kindergarten shared this.

Learning is valuable, and life can only grow if you keep working hard and keep learning. The end of the training does not mean the end of learning, but the beginning of learning. Because the kindergarten is just around the corner, we are about to stand at a new starting point and meet new challenges. Training is a gas station, let us take this opportunity to join hands, to be the best of ourselves, to be the most loved learning teacher, to give children the best education!