Wonderful training is uninterrupted, and the Step century parent-child training is kicking off today!

August 2, 2018, the Montessori teacher parent-child and sensory training organized by the Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group kicked off. Nearly 300 kindergarten teachers from all over the country participated in the study. The training lasted for 5 days and was delivered by the lecturer of the Hong Kong Step Century Education Group's expert lecturer and the teacher of Taiwan AMS 3-6 years old, Mr. Yang Xiangnan and Li Ning, mainly including parent-child training (two days and a half) and sensory integration training (two and a half days).

On the first day of the training, Teacher Yang Xiangnan patiently arranged a series of theoretical knowledge such as the parent-child education and purpose, the core of the parent-child education system, and the five factors of implementing parent-child education. In addition, in the Step century, the students were shown how the Step century reflects the five intelligences and purposes of parent-child education, and how to carry out curriculum arrangement to reflect the guiding ideology of parent-child education. The next parent-child test helped the students solve many problems and problems, and they were unanimously recognized by the teachers.

During the training, each teacher actively participated in the interaction of Teacher Yang and was always immersed in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Especially in the afternoon discussion and problem solving sessions, the participants were particularly active. In the bursts of laughter, in repeated trials and acquisitions, the students not only gained joy, but more importantly, they mastered more knowledge and provided good guidance for the better development of their own teaching work.

Simple things are repeated, that is, experts; repeated things are done with heart, that is, winners. Once and for all, once and for all PK training, on the track of learning, learning, rushing, helping, and super, the Step century is leading a batch of Montessori teachers to grow rapidly! I hope that on this road of growth, also have your presence.