Congratulations on the successful completion of the first regional teaching and research activities of the Step Century Hubei Regional Alliance Kindergartens!

In the preschool education community, many people choose to be in line with the international standards, so that the kindergartens step by step to the peak. Hubei Xiaogan Step century Shangdu Kindergarten is such a lucky one, in line with the trend of the times, joined the Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group. After joining the Step century family, the kindergarten not only harvested both economic and social benefits, but also became the host of the Step century Hubei regional alliance kindergarten activities.

From April 16th to 18th, 2019, the expert teacher of Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group walked into Hubei Step Century Shangdu Kindergarten to guide the work from various sister gardens in Hubei Province. After three days of "collision of love, crystallization of wisdom", Everyone's work opened a window again! At the same time, the Step century Shangdu Kindergarten also ushered in the opportunity of the Hubei Alliance sisters to enter the Kindergarten to study and visit!

On the morning of the first day, Teacher Jiao arranged for teachers to enter the class to watch the daily life process of Shangdu Kindergarten. After the observation, the team leaders led the group members to conduct group discussions. Each group is intensely discussing and colliding with a different park. Afterwards, Miss. Jiao went to observe the one-day process in the morning and summarized and combed: “The solidarity and cooperation between teachers and mutual cooperation is an important basis for carrying out one-day activities. Not only the children need a sense of order, but the teacher is organizing the children’s day. When you are active, you need a sense of order. The teacher has a sense of order, and the child will have a sense of order. The sense of order can make the day-to-day process orderly, and the child's ability can be better developed in such an environment."

At noon, the teaching and research study, Miss Jiao gave the teachers a full harvest, first of all about the requirements of Montessori class and language skills. For example, the teacher organizes the children to organize the class and then start the class after the class is organized; the children in the course should ask the children to raise their hands one by one; the organizational password is forbidden during class... These are the teachers in the course. The points that will be touched by the middle, but precisely the impact of these small details on the children and the entire classroom is very important.

After three days of study, the teachers returned with a full harvest and thanksgiving. Let’s take a look at the teachers’ harvest, I hope everyone can apply what they have learned, and return to kindergarten to practice these three days with practical actions.