Guangxi Baise Longlin Yingde Step Century Kindergarten: Deepening Montessori Education, Show Step Century Charming

From February 21st to 27th, 2019, it was a special day for the Longlin Yingde Step Century Kindergarten in Guangxi, because as a new kindergarten, it officially began to enroll. More importantly, they ushered in the opportunity for experts of Step century to enter thekindergarten to help them enroll. In just one week, under the guidance of the teachers of the Step century headquarters, they successfully completed the first enrollment task.

After the event, the kindergarten director said with excitement: "First of all, I would like to thank the headquarters for their strong support for the enrollment start-up work of our kindergarten. We sent teachers to give on-the-spot guidance and hard work to our kindergarten enrollment work. Under the guidance, our kindergarten has benefited a lot.

Joining the Step century family is a coincidence. I don't have any experience in running kindergartens, nor is it a kindergarten teacher industry. I learned about the Montessori education model through online and friends. As a parent, I hope that my child can accept good Montessori teaching. In order to be able to run a good kindergarten, I learned and consulted more than a dozen brands at that time, and each brand's franchise kindergarten personally went to understand the visit. But unfortunately, many brands either do not have a sound management system or have no professional Montessori teaching. Until the end of 2017, after the introduction of friends, plus WeChat, the head teacher of the Step century headquarters area, I would like to take a deeper understanding of the idea. In April 2018, holding the idea of going to see, I walked into the Step century kindergarten. I was deeply moved by the courtesy and order of the kindergarten children and the concentration of the children. In addition, I also learned that Step century has a complete system, rich resources and experienced marketing team and teaching team, as well as corresponding teaching and marketing video training. At that time I decided to join this team because it is an affiliate that can help me.

After joining, whether it is the site inspection in the early stage or the opening guidance in the back, the head teacher in the headquarters area has given me a lot of help. Any problem I have, I am very patient to answer my questions, let me feel that my original choice is correct.

For kindergartens, it is important to recruit students. It is useless to have high-end hardware and equipment without children coming to school. Headquarters teachers have given us great support from the previous dispatch, the teacher's training and training to the current enrollment. A week of starting work, every day is getting dark, and from the morning to the night can still be full.

The working attitude of the two teachers at the headquarters made me see that “the teachers of Step century are really different”: from the construction of the teacher team, the professional explanation of the observation class, the telephone invitation, the parents’different responses to the on-site promotion, The information recovery in different situations, the status of each teacher, the resistance points and concerns of each parent, have given professional solutions and specific answers and guidance, and imparted experience in their work to all of us. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and gratitude to the headquarters and the two teachers!

Although Guangxi Longlin Yingde Step Century Kindergarten is one of the many franchise kindergarten s of Step century, its story from joining to enrolling students is the epitome of Step century thousands of franchise kindergartens. Step century as the leading flagship of Montessori education, shouldering the mission of leading the development of thousands of franchise kindergartens in China, we are willing to join hands with the national franchise kindergartens to do Montessori education, do a good job in the management of the kindergarten , and benefit more children!