Henan Baofeng Step Century Kindergarten: After joining the Step Century for many years, the result is still icing on the cake!

Henan Baofeng Step Century Kindergarten has been open for 26 years. In 2012, the Kindergarten successfully joined China to promote the Montessori Education Pilots flagship-Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group Montessori Education Project. After 7 years of joining, Baofeng has a total of 17 Classes, 2018 summer vacation Baofeng Step century kindergarten has been transformed into Montessori education, including 5 mixed-age classes, 12 classes of the same age, nearly 500 children in the park, parents have good reputation, and have been recognized by the community.

During the period, Baofeng Step century kindergartens explored their own courses of sensibility, but they did not achieve the desired results because they did not have professional system courses and teacher training. At this time, the leaders of the kindergarten thought that Hong Kong Step century headquarters had been doing professional and standardized sensory integration education, so the kindergarten leaders finally chose to join the Step century sensory integration project in Hong Kong.

From April 23 to 26, 2019, the instructor of the Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group Headquarters went into Henan Baofeng Step Century Kindergarten to start the sensory integration. The headquarters started the teacher regardless of the fatigue of the journey. After rushing to the kindergarten, they began to invest in tension,work with the Kindergarten leaders to study and discuss issues related to sensory integration and make suggestions.

The teachers at the headquarters helped the teachers of Baofeng Step Century Kindergarten to have a deeper understanding of the issues related to sensory integration, and led the teachers to start the mobilization meeting, so that the teachers can consolidate the sense of integrated knowledge, train the communication skills of the teachers, and also lead everyone to elaborate the environment. In order to start the integration of feelings, we will do a good job of preparation.

The first kick-off meeting was officially started on the morning of the 23rd. The parents who participated in the kick-off meeting actively participated in the event. The teachers at the headquarters were full of professional and wonderful explanations, which won high praise and recognition from parents. At the same time, each of the parents present to further understand the sensory integration and recognize the danger of sensory integration disorder. After learning about the green correction method of the sensory training, the parents responded enthusiastically, actively consulted, and actively enrolled. In just one day, the kindergarten overfulfilled the enrollment targets expected by the park. Seeing such a result, the teachers and the parents were more confident and confident.

The four-day sensory integration start-up will come to a successful end. The kindergarten will enroll 90 children. The example prove that education must be the most professional. If you choose to join, you must choose Hong Kong Step century. This seemingly simple choice requires extraordinary wisdom, requires precise judgment, and requires decisive action. Welcome to join the Step century, and embrace success!