Shandong Linyi Step Century Fromm International Kindergarten: Joining again, creating more glory!

Shandong Pingyi Step century Fromm International Kindergarten investor Mr.Wu started to join the preschool education market two years ago.In 2017, He invested in the first kindergarten.Through joining the Step century, He copied the three major system models of Step century, and spent three years in the other parks for three years, achieving breakthrough success.

In April 2018, General Wu took advantage of the situation and invested in a new garden on the tall, and rejoined the Step century.

Through the first kindergarten to join the Step century, copying the experience of the Step century system, the progress of the kindergarten work is even more difficult.

In terms of decoration, it is combined with the Step century Montessori education concept to fully demonstrate the brand internationalization.

In terms of recruitment, we use the Step century recruitment system and the garden-based culture to recruit talents.

In terms of propaganda, the use of Step century marketing system, online and offline, is like airborne a super kindergarten. The parents who took the initiative to consult every day were extremely full. When the kindergarten decoration was not completed, nearly 100 parents preempted the deposit.

In terms of training, in July and August, more than 20 outstanding teachers were selected to attend the Montessori full-time training, parent-child training, sensory training, WeChat marketing training, etc. The team of teachers grew rapidly, reborn and full of combat effectiveness.

On August 13th, 2018, the enrollment start-up briefing session was officially kicked off. Experts from the Step century headquarters came to the kindergarten and led the team of teachers to enroll students. In just one week, they signed up to pay 112 people and earned more than 1 million yuan. Parents are waiting in line for the registration.

The start of the enrollment not only started the first shot for the Step century Fromm kindergarten, but also allowed the faculty team to change from the inside out, and the cohesion became stronger.

The investor, Mr. Wu, was filled with emotions and walked along. He was very grateful for the help of the Step century headquarters and strengthened his original wise choice. In the struggles of Wu’s decades, the success of every career stems from joining cooperation and borrowing power. This is the embodiment of her wisdom, and what is more wise is that she chooses every choice. People, go right, do the right thing, turn around the detour, and succeed!

The choice of joining cooperation shows the wisdom of decision makers. Joining the Step century, joining success, joining wealth is the most intelligent decision of investors!