Hebei Baoding Step century Miai kindergarten: win trust with professionalism, service casting quality

From April 16th to 19th, 2019, Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group entered the Union Kindergarten in Baoding, Hebei Province, BaodingStep century Miai Kindergarten, and started the sensory integration. The headquarters started the teacher regardless of the fatigue of the journey. Work intensely, work with the Kindergarten leaders to discuss and discuss issues related to sensory integration and make suggestions.

The teachers at the headquarters helped the teachers of Miai Kindergarten to have a deeper understanding of the issues related to sensory integration, and led the teachers to start the mobilization meeting, so that the teachers can consolidate the sense of integrated knowledge, train the communication skills of the teachers, and also lead everyone to carefully arrange the environment. Feel the start of the integration will be adequate preparation. The first kick-off meeting was officially started on the afternoon of the 16th. The parents who participated in the kick-off meeting actively participated. No one was absent from the scene. The teachers at the headquarters gave a wonderful and professional explanation, which enabled the parents to further understand the sensory integration and realize the harm of sensory integration disorder. . After learning about the corrective method, the parents responded enthusiastically, actively consulted, and actively enrolled. In just one day, the kindergarten overfulfilled the enrollment targets expected by the Kindergarten. Seeing such a result, the teachers and the parents were more confident and confident.

With professional wins, service casting quality, the headquarters directed the conquest of the parents, the heart of the service conquered all the teachers. The four-day sensory integration start-up will come to a successful end. The kindergarten has enrolled 96 children, and the class has reached full capacity. The teachers at the headquarters used the rest time to actively answer all kinds of questions in the Kindergarten, so that the teachers gained a lot, and their professionalism also deeply infected every teacher in the kindergarten.

Firm a belief and do one thing with your heart - early childhood education. Step century is the way to lead the National Union Kindergarten to do daily work. In the process of persistence, we constantly think, constantly reflect, constantly change, continuously learn, and constantly summarize, and constantly improve the quality of kindergartens. I believe that the Step century Miai Kindergarten will be more tomorrow. it is good.