Shandong Rushan Step Century Lihui Kindergarten: With the Step century alliance, the icing on the cake, the stronger is stronger

In 2016, after the Shandong Lushan Lihui Kindergarten and the Step century alliance, the kindergarten introduced the Montessori education system according to the education concept and model of the headquarters, and carried out reform and innovation in a solid manner to promote the rapid development of the kindergarten and become a major influence of Rushan City. Private educational institutions. The achievement of the kindergarten 's achievements is inseparable from the strong support of the headquarters. The kindergarten did not hesitate to introduce Step century sense and parent-child education projects. After several days of induction education project launch activities, it further confirmed the wise choice of the kindergarten .

On November 19, 2018, the headquarters arranged a professional teacher, Qian Lijun, to come to Lihui kindergarten to guide the kindergarten to launch a sensory education project. After the head teacher arrived at the Kindergarten , he refused to take a break and immediately plunged into the work. He worked with the kindergarten leaders to study the startup procedures and related matters, and was fully prepared for the start-up work. Subsequently, the head teacher first conducted the detection and guidance of the teachers of the kindergarten , conducted simulation exercises such as resistance points, and patiently trained the teachers, so that the teachers' knowledge and operation ability were very good. Great improvement.

For the four-day start-up event, the parents who participated in the experience class were packed and the venue was full. With her rich sense of knowledge and skilled training skills, the head teacher explained the meaning of sensory integration education in an all-round way, explained the harmfulness of sensory integration disorder, and made the parents fully realize that sensory training can be fundamentally systematically cultivated. Children's ability to perform, organize, learn, focus, think, explore, create and solve problems, ensure the healthy growth of children, stimulate the interest of parents, and cause education for the sense of education It is highly valued and widely recognized. After listening to the report from the headquarters, parents enthusiastically signed up. The entire launch event was a complete success.

During the start-up activities, the teachers at the headquarters started to get up early, arrived early in the morning, did not rest at noon, and had to eat late at night. Consultation with teachers and parents, answering questions, patient and meticulous, tireless, dedication and dedication, and deeply motivated the staff of the kindergarten . Driven by the teachers at the headquarters, the teachers of the Kindergarten were full of spirits, and no one was crying tired. The head of the garden sincerely thanked the headquarters for giving the kindergarten a gift, thanking for such excellent teachers to come to the Kindergarten for guidance, and thanking the kindergarten for their attention and help!

Only with the strong, can you become stronger. As a "Huangpu" of preschool education in China, Hong Kong Step Century Education Group draws on its forward-looking educational philosophy, follows its advanced educational model, strives for its rich educational resources, and learns its positive team spirit, especially its First-class expert teacher guidance, we believe that Lihui Kindergarten will be better and better, to a higher level!