Shandong Linyi Step Century MiGe Kindergarten: Sense of education, lightning enrollment, example proof

Shandong Linyi Step Century MiGe Kindergarten launched the Hong Kong Step Century Sensory Integration Training Project in January 2019. After the preliminary preparations, on January 21, 2019, the headquarters experts arrived at the kindergarten, and communicated with the director in detail. Pre-preparation work, and mobilization meeting, comprehensive deployment of various work arrangements, and the establishment of charging standards and preferential measures, the final determination of the special class charges for the semester fee (40 lessons) 2400 yuan, school year (80 lessons) 4800 yuan.

On January 22, the enrollment started in full swing. In the morning and afternoon, each class was held. A total of 77 people were reserved, 65 people were visited, and 44 people were paid on the spot. On the first day, the flag was opened, and the experts from the headquarters led the teachers of the whole school to fight the irons, summed up in time, analyzed the registration experience and the reasons for the unregistered and the solutions, and formulated the follow-up effective follow-up plan.

In the next two days, the enrollment registration line soared, and the enrollment was started in just three days. The number of people who signed up for the payment was over 100. It was completely unexpected to the director. I was very pleased to send a thank-you letter to the headquarters at the first time:

In the first month of this year, Mr. Li from the Step century headquarters came to our MiGe International Kindergarten in Weinan County, and successfully launched the sensory curriculum. The kindergarten visited 126 people and enrolled 102 people. Two new students reported the Montessori class.

In this process, Ms. Li not only successfully launched the sensory class, but also launched the time to guide the class during the start-up period, effectively improving the quality of our teaching and the marketing ability of the team. After school, we also guided us to carry out two "education into thousands of households" activities, and gained a lot of praise and popularity. The next day, there were students who entered the school and enrolled.

In order to express gratitude to the headquarters, the leadership of the garden also sent a pennant!

The example is strength, and the enrollment effect is the best interpretation of the Step century service system!