Anhui Mengcheng Step Century International Kindergarten: The high-quality kindergarten director is actually "refined"!

Anhui Mengcheng Step Century International Kindergarten Investor Mrs.Hou is an educator with a strong preschool education complex. She graduated from Hefei kindergarten and studied at the provincial art school. He studied at Beijing Normal University and went from the public park teacher to his own founding garden. All the way, Mrs.Hou is more determined to run the dream of high-end high-quality kindergarten! In 2015, Mengcheng Step Century International Kindergarten joined the “Step Century International Montessori Education Alliance”.

Since joining the "Step Century Montessori Education Alliance", it has grown from the first two Montessori classes to the current eight Montessou classes, two Montessori classes, and a total of 10 classes. The whole park is Mongolian and full of status. It has Montessori, parent-child curriculum, physical intelligence course, English teaching, dance, painting and other courses. The environment is warm and elegant, the facilities are first-class, equipped with sensory integration training room and dance studio. The modern multi-functional room, parent-child activity room, science laboratory, etc. is the first internationalized Montessori mixed-age kindergarten established by Hong Kong Step Century International Education Group in Anhui Province.

After three years of development, Mrs.Hou’s team has grown rapidly, the educational achievements have been highlighted, and a good reputation has been obtained. Through continuous learning, Mrs.Hou has become an expert in the field of Montessori. The Mengcheng Step Century Kindergarten has now become a well-known kindergarten in the local area. Experts from Anhui, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and other provinces came to visit and inspect.

As a sentimental preschooler, with the support of local parents and encouraged by friends in the industry, the waiting director decided to make another kindergarten in Fukuzawa, so the Anhui Taihe Step Century International Kindergarten was born, and In 2017, I joined the “Step Century International Montessori Education Alliance” family again!

Under the leadership of Mrs.Hou, Mengcheng Step Century International Kindergarten, Taihe Step Century International Kindergarten adheres to the policy of running a Step century headquarters, takes the international Montessori education as the leading factor, combines the essence of traditional education, and conducts teaching according to the five major fields of Montessori. The activities showed great educational achievements and good social reputation.

Anhui Mengcheng Step Century International Kindergarten Honor:

In 2016, Mengcheng won the honorary title of Hong Kong's Step century national “Top 100 Parks” and won the “Education Achievement Award” of the Step Century 100 Park.

In 2017, Mengcheng won the “Scale Development Award” of the National Top 100 Parks across the Century and was awarded the National “Per-Century Montessori Education Achievements Demonstration Park”.

What kind of power is the rapid outbreak of educational achievements, so that the Mengcheng Step Century Kindergarten, Taihe and Step Century Kindergarten will become the “landmark” kindergartens of the local and even surrounding provinces?

What kind of system can make the new park grow rapidly, the old park quickly transforms and transforms into the industry leader?

On October 11-13, Mrs.Hou met with the directors of the parks in Zhengzhou, "The Kindergarten Rise · The Director's Special Training Camp", let us pay attention to it.