Jiangxi Shangrao Hengfeng Step century Shangcheng International Kindergarten: after opening the park one year, kindergarten enrollment can be so hot!

Jiangxi Shangrao Hengfeng Step Century Shangcheng International Kindergarten is a new garden, joining the 21st century in June 2018. In the end of July 2018, the kindergarten of Meng’s education was launched, and more than 100 students were enrolled. In just one semester, the kindergarten Montessori education has achieved remarkable results and word of mouth. In March 2019, the park had reached more than 200 people. However, Hengfeng’s Step century Shangcheng International Kindergarten did not stop exploring education. In order to help children in the park and more children outside the park to solve the problem of sensory disorders, on March 5, 2019, the kindergarten opened the prelude to the start of the sensory integration training.

With the development of the modern economy, today's children have no previous natural growth environment (caesarean section, premature use of toddlers in early childhood, lack of crawling, housing unitization, etc.), more and more children are timid, crying Sticky people, dyslexia, poor pronunciation, poor clumbling of hands and feet, poor interpersonal skills, especially violent to relatives, fear of unfamiliar environment, poor anti-frustration ability... How to help them? The Step century startup team entered the kindergarten with their own answers, and implemented the relevant matters on hand. Through a field-based experience and experience course, parents really entered the world of children and were shocked by the education of such advanced science. In this way, in less than four days, the sensory training registration of 77 people.

At the same time, under the guidance of the Step century follow-up service system, kindergarten teachers have also undergone tremendous changes. They are grateful to the head of the school for bringing the training to their own side, thanking the amiable teachers for their easy-to-understand words. They understand the scientific nature of sensory integration training.

Through the careful guidance and intimate service of the teachers at the headquarters, the teachers' professionalism has touched many parents in the kindergarten. Therefore, the leaders of the garden always give their support and help to the Step century headquarters. They are very emotional and excited, and expressed their willingness to keep up with the pace of the Step century and contribute to the development of China's preschool education!