Tianjin Tanggu Shuimu Tsinghua Step Century Kindergarten: Choose Step century, harvest N times return in four days!

Shuimu Tsinghua Step Century Kindergarten in Tanggu District of Tianjin is an old Kindergarten. After joining the Step century in October 2016, it immediately started the enrollment work in December. In the past two years, the kindergarten not only has a warm educational environment, but also an excellent team of teachers. The number of people in the Kindergarten has reached more than 200, and it has also achieved remarkable educational achievements and word of mouth. However, this did not stop the kindergarten from exploring the education. To help the children in the Kindergarten and more children outside the Kindergarten solve the problem of sensory disorder, the kindergarten opened the sensory integration on September 16, 2018 under the guidance of the headquarters. The training kicked off the prelude to the conference.

With the development of modern economy, more and more children have no previous growth environment close to nature (caesarean section, premature use of toddlers in early childhood, lack of crawling, housing unitization, etc.), more and more children are introverted Being timid, crying, sticking, dyslexia, poor pronunciation, poor clumbling in hands and feet, poor interpersonal skills, particularly violent for family members, and poor resistance to frustration... How can I help them? The Step century startup team has been stationed in the kindergarten with many years of research results and practical experience, hands-on implementation of related issues, through a sense of experience and experience, so that parents really enter the world of children.

The advanced and scientific sense training experience observation class received enthusiastic response from parents. In less than four days, the kindergarten enrolled more than 80 children and received N times return on investment. At the same time, under the guidance of the Step century follow-up service system, the teachers of Shuimu Tsinghua's Step century kindergartens have also undergone tremendous changes. They are collectively studying and discussing the headquarters website every day at noon, and they are full of confidence in their work. Many teachers are eager to become teachers of the senses, and they are grateful that the directors and investors will feel integrated training to introduce kindergartens. The teacher's spirit has changed, and the most touching is the parents. They praise the teacher's mental state is really reborn. Such an all-round improvement has made the leaders of the park always give support and help to the Step century headquarters. They are very emotional and excited, and said that they must keep up with the pace of the Step century and contribute to the development of China's preschool education!

Do you want your kindergarten to get N times return in a few days? Do you let your teacher be like the Shuimu Tsinghua Step Century Kindergarten in Tanggu District, Tianjin? Welcome to join the Step century, create your own success!