Henan Xinyang Step Century Tianfu Montessori Kindergarten:Because of love, continue with Step century

Henan Xinyang Step Century Tianfu Montesori Kindergarten joined Hong Kong Step Century Education Group in May 2015. It is the first kindergarten to introduce Montessori education in the local area. Based on the concept of Montessori education, following the complete set of educational guidance of the Step century headquarters, copying, copying, and copying, in just a few years, the kindergarten students are full.

Montessori's educational philosophy makes every child of the Step century Tianfu Montessori kindergarten grow up healthy and happy. They both feel the careful of the teacher's mother and learning the self-service ability. Love, for every teacher of the Step century Tianfu Montessori kindergarten, is to let the children learn to walk independently.

Children need to play, this is their nature, let the children play wonderful, play meaning and play value in the work of their choice. This is the goal that the Tianfu preschool teachers think and work for. Here, free choice work has become the most important work for children. Play and study are closely integrated. Learning becomes so easy and fun, and the children's kindergarten life has become more interesting and interesting.

In 2017, the kindergarten started the Step century sense training. Under the two-year study of the sensory teaching team, the kindergarten's sensory training has become one of the most professional training institutions in the region. In 2018, the kindergarten introduced the Edison Science Discovery Room from the Step century headquarters. One of the science-themed activities that are in line with the child's nature and fun has opened the door for children to explore science. In the process of active inquiry, the children solved one life after another and experienced the joy of learning, the joy of cooperation and the joy of joint exploration. Every activity course can see the sweet smile of every child in the kindergarten.

Under the guidance of the headquarters, the kindergarten learning team is professional and stable development. In 2018, it was rated as the National Alliance Top 100 Park and “Development” by the Step Century Headquarters. Scale Award". In the local area, it has also received recognition from parents and excellent reputation.

Step century Tianfu preschooler will always walk on the road of departure under the leadership of the Step century.