Hubei Yicheng Step century Meijiou Kindergarten : The enrollment of sensory integration training is winning, icing on the cake

Hubei Yicheng Step Century Meijiou Kindergarten joined the Step century in 2014. After joining, it enrolled the Montessori class in the first time and achieved a complete success. After several years of development, the kindergarten has 12 classes, 40 teachers, and a total of 387 children. Under this circumstance, the kindergarten director decided to enroll the sensory integration training class.

At 3 pm on March 12, 2019, the expert teachers at the headquarters arrived at the Step century Meijiou kindergarten, communicated with the director in detail about the enrollment work arrangement, held a mobilization meeting, and formulated charging standards and preferential measures. It is finally determined that the starting fee for this sense is 1920 yuan per semester (32 lessons) and 3840 yuan per academic year (64 lessons).

On March 13th, the enrollment started in full swing. In the morning and afternoon, each class was held, and 117 people were reserved. The actual number of visitors was 104. The on-site registration fee was 67. On the first day, the enrollment team won the competition. The experts from the headquarters led the whole school teachers to fight the irons, summed up in time, analyzed the registration experience and the reasons for the unregistered and the solution measures, and formulated the follow-up effective follow-up plan. On March 14th and 15th, the enrollment activities were one after another, and the visiting parents waved one after another. The number of applicants was soaring. In just three days, 122 people signed up for the payment.

In the face of the grand launch, the director is not only overjoyed by the enrollment effect, but also deeply admired the professionalism of the headquarters experts and teachers. He praised: the Step century headquarters service is first-class, and the Step century headquarters teachers are our mentor and friend, keeping pace with the Step century headquarters. Become a preschool leader!

Kindergarten introduces Step century sensory integration training, which not only enables children to keep fit, but also helps children overcome learning difficulties, improve their learning ability, and create benefits and competitiveness for kindergartens! The success of the Step century has been witnessed in 28 years, and the success of the Step century has been confirmed in 28 years of practice, so only success will be brought to you!